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   Drop Drop     


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Drop Drop

2006-2008, interactive installation


Drop Drop is a digital paint generating system integrated with a radio-controlled miniature vehicle and a motion tracking system with computer vision.



What if a car you drive in everyday life could create a beautiful painting on the ground instead of generating air pollution?  


Drop Drop invites you to remotely control a miniature RC car using the floor as a virtual canvas through video projection.  The RC car becomes a paintbrush which digitally generates various sized/colored paint drops so you can draw an abstract expressionism painting on the canvas through driving the car.  Once you have finished the virtual painting and parked the car in the parking station, your beautiful painting will be printed out for you on photo paper.






PlayTech Exhibition at the Orange County Museum of Arts









Miniature RC Car + RC Controller + Parking Station for Print-out:




Installation Diagram for Epicenter07 Exhibition


Required equipment:

1 Video Projector, 1 PC (min. P4 / 1.6GHz / 1GB RAM), 1 Webcam and 1 small Color Inkjet Printer


Drop Drop  (Epicenter 07 at UC Riverside Arts Gallery)



When you finish drawing paint by driving the RC car and park the car in the station, the digital painting you created is being printed out for you.



Sample paintings created by participants in exhibitions